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An affair that goes way


we call them Yorkies...

We believe they deserve that respect and must be considered as part of our families all the time. We are sort of particular about not breeding outside of our blood family circle. We do this in order to preserve what we believe it is important and the health of our own pets and our own as they share even our beds and furniture, also we want to preserve our blood lines from unscrupulous humans and kennels. Our puppies leave our homes to their forever homes.

We do not believe in kenneling. We are hobby breeders. Our puppies are born onto our hands, in our family kitchens. Socialization with family life begins on day one. We are never in a rush to put our puppies out. We may hold them for as long as we feel they need to stay in their nursery and be under mommies watch. These special little furry friends are just amazing creatures that make our lives much more fun! We love sharing our everyday with them... and so often we catch ourselves "amazed again" by them. Enough has being written about their history and what purpose they were bred for... so we want to highlight the joys of enjoying everyday with them.

Contact : (781)558-1677

Yorkie Puppies Ma       

       Shihtzu puppies Ma



We started to show them to take deposits. Inquire now!

We have mated a pair of very gorgeous yorkies and puppies are in our nursery! Amazing puppies... Inquire for these beauties...

We are taking NAMES FOR THEM now.

A Female Puppy Available and a male Puppy is also available .

Deposit to hold any of our puppies is $1000.00. 

We are Boston Yorkie puppy breeders located in Massachusetts and serve the new England states of MA, RI, VT, NH and others such CT, NJ, PA, NY, MD, CA and the country of Canada, just to name a few. We are Boston Shihtzu breeders in Massachusetts and we serve the New England states.

Our passion for yorkies started years ago... we always loved animals and dogs, we grew up with all kinds, something we are very thankful for as animals have a lot of things to give and teach the human kind! In our family this special passion for dogs started 3 generations ago. It is an inheritance from my grandma, she is the one to blame for passing down the dog lover gene. Today we honor that love and dedication. We have many yorkies in our family. Started with grandmother, passed down to daughters and today most married family members share their homes with yorkies. In our family homes being part of our families they live a healthy happy life as our pets for most part, and we breed some of them from time to time.    

One of the things we are mostly proud about our yorkies and about breeding them is that we get the exact same feedback form everyone who gets to be picked to own one of them: they became just as madly in love and passionate about their yorkie puppy as we are and so very often we find our new adoptive families saying just as we do: "this is the best dog we ever shared our life's with !!!!" We are very proud of our reputation and years of family dedication had paid off. We have gorgeous, healthy and top line yorkies and the road of success was very worthy to be traveled... of course there were bumps and turns, but we got here ... and we can proudly say that we have bred some of the best yorkies and still do ... although it is hard to consider where can we keep improving we are always working and studying to better the breed we love !!! One main characteristic of our yorkies is the sweetness and confidence .... we believe a great look with the perfect temperament is the recipe for long-life-spoilling-garanteed... now if it is the human being spoiled or the yorkie we have not quite figured out yet !!!

Contact :

Yorkie Puppies Ma

Shihtzu puppies Ma

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We have puppies for sale in Ma, puppy sale Boston, puppies for adoption, yorkie puppies for adoption in Massachusetts, RI, VT, ME, CT, Manhattan, New York, New Jersey, Shihtzu puppies for sale in CT, TeaCup Puppies for sale in New England. We only have the very best, sweet puppies bred with love and care for you. We adore our teacup puppy for sale. We offer AKC puppies for sale.

We Love Raising Puppies For You!

Are you looking for a Shihtzu puppy for sale in Boston? Imperial Shihtzu puppy for sale in Massachusetts, Boston?

Are you looking for a Yorkie puppy For Sale in Boston, Massachusetts? We provide to All New England Areas including Connecticut, RI, NH, Manhattan, NY, as well as others. Well, you have come to the right place. We are located in Massachusetts, just off of the Massachusetts route 1, and very easily accessible , being only 40 min from Providence, RI, 10 min downtown Boston and 30 min from Newton Massachusetts and 3 hrs from Manhattan, New York City. Our Yorkshire Terriers for sale in Massachusetts and our Teacup shihtzu puppies for sale in Massachusetts are everything you could ask for.

We take pride in being Yorkshire Terriers Breeder in the Boston Massachusetts, and it shows both in our actions and in our puppies. The difference in our puppies is all in how we raise them. we raise the best Imperial Chinese shihtzu puppies of Boston.

The Best Way To Raise A Puppy

How should you raise a puppy? Is it best to raise them in an unnatural kennel environment or is it better to give them plenty of room

to grow and play in a home environment? Do you want a puppy that has been taken care of the way it should be since it was born?

This is exactly what we do. We believe that puppies are not best served by a kennel environment. Rather, we give them free run of our

home in an idyllic setting. They deserve nothing less!

Our Unique Setting

As a Yorkie breeder in Boston, Massachusetts we strive to provide a nurturing, loving setting for our puppies to thrive in. We have expansive

to raise the Imperial Chinese puppy for you lawns for them to run around on to their hearts content as well as verdant gardens for the same purpose. We also take them to enjoy the

woodlands of our estate. This perfect setting allows our puppies to have free reign over the grounds so that they can get plenty of exercise

and enjoy their playtime in a nice natural setting.

That is not all, however. The surroundings are just as puppy friendly inside the house where puppies are still free to roam. Because of this,

our puppies become accustomed to the presence of people and a home environment which makes them

extremely socialized, well mannered and ideal pets when they come to your home!

Puppies Are A Product Of Their Environment

So what does all this freedom add up to? It adds up to one well-adjusted, friendly shihtsu puppy , and playful Yorkie puppy Boston MA. We believe that

every Toy Yorkshire puppy Massachusetts is indeed a product of its environment. We give them endless opportunities for exercise as

well as exposure to socialization providing much needed social skills. Each Teacup Yorkie New York City in Manhattan is already predisposed toward friendliness. We just give each Teacup Yorkie Puppy New Hampshire, MA and Connecticut a chance to be all that it can be. We feel that by letting a puppy develop naturally, that puppy will grow to be the perfect, loving companion for any family.

If you are looking for a Yorkshire Terrier puppy Boston MA for sale then you have found the right place. We take our role as a Teacup Yorkshire Terriers breeder Connecticut seriously and provide only the best for our puppies. Look through our selection

and you are bound to find a Toy Yorkie for sale New York City Manhattan that is calling your name.

You will be glad you found each other. We love raising the best teacup shihtzu puppy for you inside our home in Boston Massachusetts. We love raising the best teacup puppy for sale in Boston in Massachusetts. 

  Yorkie and Shihtzu breeder located in Massachusetts and serves the New England States. We will accept out of the area applications but please be aware we will give preferential treatment to those local.

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